Crocs are a type of foam-made protective clog originally created as a spa shoe by Foam Creations. The design was bought by Crocs Inc., who have since made it the popular sensation it is today. They consist of a foam resin named Croslite, which apparently offers medical benefits by molding to the wearer's feet. They are notoriously unstylish, and as such have been condemned by the Trend community, especially Trender Man.

Look-alikes Edit

Croc-offs Edit

The most famous of the Croc lookalikes are the croc-offs, the illegal copies of Crocs. They are distributed widely in many shops, with or without a name, at cheap prices but of lower quality.


The Mysteriously Sentient Croc Edit

In 1993, when Trender Man was still a child, a mysteriously sentient Croc jumped onto Trender Man's face as a child, searing an image into his mind of a rubber Croc latching onto his head. This was a traumatising event, and Trender Man has never rid himself of his fear of Crocs, his Crocophobia.