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Fashion, or the Seventh Sense, is a style or design that is or was popular. Fashion is common in anything that can be customised, whether it be clothes, houses or even jam jars, and has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Fashion is the base for Trend, the ancient art.

History Edit

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Fashion is the art of creating good looking clothing, matching clothing in a way that complements eachother, and matching clothing to a proper body type in order to flatter both the clothing and the wearer.

It is ever evolving, as something that looks good now may not look good in the future, as many fashionable outfits of the past no longer are considered fashionable today.

It is often considered an art only afforded by the wealthy, when in actuallity, many cheaper forms of fashion are readily available.

These days, it is often confused with the Fad, a grave mistake on the part of many would-be fashionistas.

The Swag Look Edit

This is the Fashion Statement. For other uses, see Swag.

The Swag Look is a type of fad mostly affiliated with Teenagers who Like to Look Cool but don't.

A common Swag Look recipe:

Three cups of Supposed Coolness

1 and a half tablespoons of Swag (Isotope 237)

Fourteen teaspoons of Idiocy

Two dead rats

Pencil shavings

A souffle

Fashion-Blindness Edit

Viktor and rolf fall 2014 couture
Fashion-Blindness is a medical condition where the Fashionulus, one of the brain's lobes, is malfunctioning. This does not cause any serious injury, but lowers Trend levels by a catastrophic 43.7%. Brain surgery may be needed to repair the Fashionulus, or at least a very good cup of tea.

Less invasive treatments include explaining what clothes match and which don't, showing them what outfits look good on them, and avoiding swag at all costs.