Untitled drawing by catsoul100-d63qmgh

Why so serious...? I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself! LOL!

Grinny is a no good evil terrorist/overlord who stole Slenderman's prized power grid, and planned to take over the world by destroying all superpower countries and establishing a new world order. TALK ABOUT CRAY-CRAY!


Grinny is a cat with red skin, and black fur. But in human form, his skin is a greyish color with a black jacket and pants with a red scarf with red mittens.


Grinny is pretty your standard Donald Trump. But can easily be angered in a drop of a hat. I would point out that, even though Grinny is in love with Mrs. P (Pencil Neck), he is still wanting to take over the world (OF COURSE!). He does rely on Mr.Widemouth from time-to-time, but really doesn't give a damn about America being a "Free Country".

But, don't call him "Boogeyman", he gets enraged when he is called that. Jeff and Ben almost paid the price when killing Mrs. P.


Grinny's claws can go through solid objects "like a hot knife through butter", and can turn human form whenever he wants. He can charge up green Ki like a Super Saiyan when infuriated (like when Mr. Widemouth mentioned singing), and can bleed out his nose when in love with Mrs. P.

Fashion Sense:

As Written by Trender Man

What do I think about that little Donald Trump wanna-be?

Ugh, where do I begin?

Again with the black? We already been on the same road with my brother, Slendy.

Scarfs? Nice touch, but needs to be a little more "authentic". Needs a little more "Pizazz".

And he REALLY needs to loose the attitude. And see a veterinarian.

He would get fleas on his clothes, and I have to help Jeff wash the pest. Sometimes he really urks me when I keep hearing his tirades. I'd wish I'd really tell Slendy to step on him like the cockroach he really is. But, he's Jeff's problem, not mine. Still, having him as a pet is a fate worse than death!