Jeff the Killer
Jeff the killer x reader by fanfic queen-d8807sl
God, I'm handsome.
Vital statistics
Position Stabber-in-the-backer
Age 13-18
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Approx. 6 feet
Weight None of your business

Jeff the Killer is the self-proclaimed "Most Handsome Man Alive" and insane cereal killer. He eats a lot of cereal.

Appearance Edit

Jeff the Killer appears to be a white-faced, red-lipped humanoid with thick, black hair, which he lets fall to shoulder length. He sometimes wears a white hoody. He was said to have cut his mouth into the shape of a smile - whether this is true or Jeff is only wearing lipstick is highly debated.

Jeff is not a natural albino; in actuality, he is an African-American. His skin was bleached after a bizarre accident at a birthday party; a drunk parent mistook his face for a window and used the old "Ajax, Spray N' Wipe". In one fell swoop (or swipe) Jeff's face turned to the color of oldlace (see color chart below).


Jeff is smug, abrasive, arrogant, chatty, showy and totally insane.

Jeff's madness has developed over several incidents. When he was young, he wasn't loved much by his parents; at a birthday party, he had bleach sprayed at his face; and perhaps most of all, however hard he tried, he simply couldn't beat the level Wing Mario Over the Rainbow.


Jeff the Killer has no conventional powers as such. He is, however, very good with knives, having mastered many advanced chopping techniques for vegetables.

Fashion SenseEdit


Jeff's skin color is approximately oldlace. (see diagram)

As written by Trender Man

Well, what can I say about "J

ane?" Oh yes, that's right. His fashion sense is terrible.

A white hoody?

Hoodies are so last year.

Especially blood-stained hoodies. They were the year before that.

Important Pieces of History Edit

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Trivia Edit

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