Slander Man
Slander Man is the father of Trender Man, and uncle of Splendorman and Slenderman.


He is the only member of the "-ender" family known to have hair. He often smokes, and speaks in an exaggerated New York accent. He is often seen wearing a fedora, white shirt and tie, and black pants. He also has a taste for leather wrist watches, and has a collection that he keeps.

He also wears a pencil behind his...actually, he doesn't have ears, so how the pencil stays in place is a mystery. Then again, he and the other members of his family can see and hear without eyes or ears.

Ignore logic, 'kay?


He has no respect for privacy, and is not above blackmailing others. He does have a tendency to spoil his son and nephews, however. He has a short fuse and a bad temper, and is also a grouchy riser.

Powers Edit

Slander Man has the ability to ignore his conscience, an ability shared among many gossip writers. As with all other members of the "-ender" family, he can sprout tentacles from his back, and displays a low-level form of hypnosis.

Important Pieces of HistoryEdit

He used to work for a gossip magazine, until he wrote a scandalous article about his boss, who then blackmailed him after discovering Slander Man does not actually have a face and blackmailed him to get him to reveal his article to be a hoax, and Slander Man has been trying to get revenge ever since, and has started his own gossip magazine.

Because of his gossip magazine, he is very wealthy, which is why his son Trender Man can always afford the best clothes.

Trivia Edit