Slender Man
Breaking another camera. Sigh.
Vital statistics
Position Accountant? Freaker-outer of children?
Age Unknown
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Very tall
Weight Unknown

Slender Man, also known as the Tall One, the Thin One, or the Unstylish One, is the mostly unknown cousin of Trender Man. He is known for scaring children, brutally murdering people and always wearing the same suit. Trender Man has always had trouble getting his head around that idea - wearing the same suit for your whole life? Does he even wash?


Slender Man is, like the rest of his family, tall, thin and pale. His face has no apparent eyes, nose, mouth or other facial features - but then again, they're overrated. Who needs a face?


Slender Man is known for being the quiet one of the family, which isn't that odd since he hasn't any face. (Then again, none of them have faces besides Splendorman.) He has been compared by Trender Man to a teenager in their Goth phase: "all dark and moody and whining whenever someone interrupts his daily child-chomping."

He is known for being extremely camera shy, always distorting the camera. This has become increasingly annoying for family photographs, and so people tend to exclude him, make a gap between Splendorman and Slanderman and just draw in his likeness with Photoshop.

Every so often Slender hides in the backgound of someone else's photo, just to creep humans out.

Powers Edit

As with all "-ender" family members, Slender Man can sprout tentacles from his back, exert hypnosis and become invisible.

He has perfected the sport of walking the dog in what he calls "Slender Walking". Slender has never been let near dogs again, thanks to a failed Slender Walking experiment that almost shattered the sanity of Trender Man's dog Fido.

Fashion SenseEdit

As written by Trender Man

Slender Man is always seen in his "trademark" business suit (he can't be bothered to change), a black suit and tie with a white shirt underneath. It is unknown as of yet whether he could be an accountant.

I'd heavily frown upon Slender's dress. If I had facial features.

Well, let's start off with the suit. It's drab and boring, the classic black and white. I keep telling him to take off the tie - it's just not cool enough - but Slender doesn't even listen, or take notes, or even turn his head when I'm talking - he's just that antisocial.

I especially frown upon Slender's use of the suit - it never gets washed, he leaves bloodstains all over, and when he sprouts his tentacles it makes holes in the suit.

What a mess.

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