Vital statistics
Position Leader of the Happiness Patrol
Age Unknown
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Notoriously tall
Weight Unknown

Splendorman, known as The Garish One, Mr. Polka-Dots, Walking Disco and occasionally Chocolate Thun-Da!, is the only member of the "-ender Family" who actually has a face. He is the elder brother of Slenderman, and the cousin o Trenderman. Although being amazingly cheerful in the worst situations and kind to all who know him, perhaps his most distinguishing feature is his polka-dot suit.

A polka-dot suit.

Where does he find these things?!

Appearance Edit

Splendorman is a tall, thin, pale humanoid being with a hunched back. His face has two eyes and a mouth - suggesting part-immunity to the DES. As above, his most distinguishing feature is the multi-coloured suit he wears, a black suit with dots of rainbow colours (and sometimes non-rainbow; depends on the suit). On his head he wears a black hat with a red stripe.

Personality Edit

Splendorman is a kind and caring soul. He likes to cheer people up, just as much as he likes to cheer himself up. That is apparently all he does.

Splendorman has, on only two occasions, been in a bad mood.

It's amazing how smug he can be sometimes.

Powers Edit

Splendorman has the virtually impossible power to cheer everyone in a three-mile radius by approximately 29%+. Those in a metre radius are subjected to the full force of about 12000 rads of happiness. While the effect has not been studied, it has been proposed that Splendorman electrically activates parts of the brain to make them feel happy. On this point, Slenderman has also suggested that, if the neutron flow's polarity were to be reversed, the power could also be used to make people very unhappy.

Other powers he has include Making People Smile at Bad Jokes, Making People Laugh at Appalling Jokes, Always Bringing Large Birthday Presents, Always Bringing Even Bigger Christmas Presents and Always Ruining Slender Man's Halloween Parties.

Fashion Sense Edit

Splendorman concept art by gothicraft-d6bsrp1

by Gothicraft on Deviantart

Splendorman:I like my Fashion Sense It makes people happy🙃🙃.

He wears polka-dots all the time. If you took off the polka dots his outfit would be fairly formal and somewhat stylish, but the polka-dots....THE POLKA DOTS!!!!!


...actually, he does.

Important Pieces of History Edit

Under construction.

He was created by Ms. Slender and mr. Slender

Trivia Edit

  • Splendorman is a lover of British comedy.
  • Happy is (likely) his favourite song.
  • Splendorman is currently attempting to create a non-lethal version of Joker Venom. He may call it Smylex.