The Operator
The Operator
Vital statistics
Position Founder and Head of The Collective
Age 87-and-a-half
Status Operating
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

"The Operator" is the like-minded cousin of Slender Man, criminal mastermind, head of global terrorist organisation The Collective and arch-enemy of vigilante The Rake. Manipulative, cunning and determined, he will stop at nothing to play out what he calls "The Plan" and fulfill his end goal of world domination.

Appearance Edit

The Operator is known to be a master of disguise, able to appear in any shape or form with the help of physical dressings and his mental perception-changing powers. In his natural form, however, he is a tall, thin member of the "-ender" Family, with a blank face and long arms. He is prone to odd fashions, including business suits and Nehru jackets.

Personality Edit

Ruthless, arrogant and extremely manipulative, the Operator delights in the misfortune of his enemies and the success of his schemes. With an I.Q of 180 to 380 (on his good and bad days), he creates plans inside plans that stretch across hundreds of years, all leading to a realisation of his ambition to control the world.

While his modus operandi is to let his plans unfold from a distance, he is not against "getting his hands dirty", when he becomes tired of his underlings failing continuously.

He still goes to family reunions and high-school meet ups.

Powers Edit

Although his lack of physical powers make him seem weak (e.g. the absence of tentacles), his mental powers are nothing to laugh at. Having honed his mind to its peak, the Operator is able to create powerful hypnosis spells; so far, he is able to enslave both the alive and dead to serve as proxies (at large costs to his mental energy).

The Collective, his organisation, is a network of criminal minds, spies, henchmen and proxies across the globe. (Henchmen are hired by Collective; proxies are minds under influence.)

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