The Rake
The Rake
Attempting to drink tomato soup... again
Vital statistics
Position Crime Fighter and Wolverine Stunt Double
Age Young...ish
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
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The Rake is a powerful ninja, martial arts master and vigilante superhero, currently operating undercover in Los Angeles. The Rake was created in the lab by Professor Vincent Price, who had finished all of his body but his hands - the sharp implements he uses as digits were only to be temporary. When Price was murdered by a small-time criminal, the Rake was traumatised and was driven to fight crime around the world. He gained his alias "Rake" after a rake flew into his window, and he uttered the famous words: "Yes, Father, I shall become a Rake".

Appearance Edit

The Rake is a humanoid-shaped, hairless, sharp-clawed creature with a "shrill" voice and glowing/dark eyes. Numerous pictures have shown the Rake's eyes being both with and without light; these are presumably electrical lights to help the Rake see, or headlights.

P.S. That headlights joke is my favourite.

He is shown as a thin, sinewy being; however, he is immensely strong, and can lift up to a ton (on his good days).

Personality Edit

The Rake is highly determined in his quest for justice. He has a powerful moral complex and a powerful compulsion to drink tomato soup.

Powers Edit

The Rake has mastery over at least thirty different martial arts, including karate, kung fu, tae kwon do, boxing, kickboxing, CQC, Jar-Based Karateand Venusian aikido. His sharp hands can rip through steel, block bullets and don't rust.

Fashion Sense Edit

On special (or dangerous) occasions, the Rake will wear his Rake-Suit, a black, thick rubber suit with pointy cowl and a large cape. Over the years, a flat cap and whippets have been added.

His Rake-Belt contains many gadgets like smoke bombs, Rakearangs, grappling hook and his alphabet soup container.

Important Pieces of History Edit

Under construction.

Trivia Edit

  • His favourite martial art is the Lancashire-based Ecky-Thump; wherever he goes, he always carries black pudding.