Important events in the world of Trend, introducing Fad and Fashion and the main players of the Trend industry.

  • 312 AD: Trend is founded when a prophetic Tibetan monk makes a rather bad joke about their robes. In context with the 21st century, this joke has actually become rather funny. While initial reaction is terrible, the monk writes it down for the betterment of the future of the human race.
  • 347 AD: A freak accident in the Manuscript Post sends the monk's (waterproof) joke book instead of (waterproof) Buddhist scriptures to Atlantis. The Atlanteans take up the joke book as their beliefs; their religion is literally a joke.
  • 348 AD: The Tibetan monk realises his joke book is missing. He is, to say the most, slightly disheartened.
  • 577 AD: The Anti-Trend cult is formed and headquarters in Atlantis. They wear clothes hilariously out-of-date.
  • 699 AD: A religious war sinks Atlantis, the first of Anti-Trend's hidden strikes, and its peoples spread across the globe. The Fashion Constitution, Trend's religious manuscripts, are lost.