Trender Man
The Trendy sweater
Vital statistics
Position Founding Father of Faceless Fashion
Age Young enough to be trendy
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Tall...ish
Weight Unknown

"I am a Trend Lord, Slender. I walk in long jeans."


Trender Man is the trendiest of the "Slender Family". As a Fashion Master (black belt, R.M. Williams), it is his sworn duty to help the members of his family achieve their maximum Trendiness. He is known to be a little bit of a drama queen - this is apparently a side effect of his rigorous Fashion Training.

Appearance Edit

Trender Man is a tall, blank-faced humanoid. He normally wears a sweater.


Trender Man is unusually fashion conscious, and every time he meets someone he will always point out any of their fashion mistakes. Trender Man is a kind person, although not nearly as caring as his cousin Splendor Man, and is known to send his friends fashionable clothing every so often. He likes to be fabulous.

He is known for hating Crocs: in his childhood, he suffered a traumatic accident when a mysteriously sentient Croc jumped on Trender Man's face.



Trender Man has many powers, although most of them involve changing the texture and colours of sweaters. His most potent power allows him to turn everything around him into sweater-styled pieces of woolly clothing, which he's refrained from using after an incident involving twelve pots of jam, one copy of the Communist Manifesto and a widescreen TV.

Fashion SenseEdit

Trender Man has an instinct for fashion, ignited by a six-year course of Fashion Training in the Tibetan mountains, where he learnt the ancient art of Trend. He returned to his home, where he became a fashion consultant, and later the CEO of a company he named Faceless Fashion. At present, he is the second most successful of the "Slender Family", earning an annual salary of $12 million. (His dad is the most successful.)

Important Pieces of History Edit

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Trivia Edit

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