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Vital statistics
Position Cooking show judge / language translator / amateur singer
Age The middle-man between the age of trendiness and middle-aged
Status Eating
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Zalgo, commonly referred to as The Stalker Who Waits Behind The Wall, the Nezperdian Hivemind And Vacuum Cleaners, or just (Dr.) David (Fronkensteen Zalgo Doak VI), is a supernatural being and cooking show judge in the Shinigami Realm. (No dish includes apples.) He is described as "a being of utmost terror, as long as terror means averageness".

Appearance Edit

Zalgo's appearance is relatively unknown, but we do know some facts.

  • He is known to have seven mouths, making him a perfect cooking show judge. By eating from different mouths, he has no need for the sorbet "palate cleaner" between meals.
  • Six of his mouths are known to speak in different languages. Zalgo is known to be an excellent six-way translator; he is a part-time employee of a number of anime dubbing companies.
  • Zalgo's seventh mouth is a terrible singer. Rumors say this mouth sings a song that "ends the Earth" - these people have obviously heard him sing before, hehe.

Personality Edit

Zalgo is a rather bland person. He has a strange desire to become a famous singer.

Powers Edit

Zalgo has a mysterious power that allows him to appear inside comic strips.

His singing is known to be some of the worst in his quadrant of the universe. He is hoping to release an album, titled (You'll Have A) Sheer Heart Attack.

Fashion Sense Edit

As written by Trender Man.

What can I say? Zalgo's taste in fashion are... not as average as the rest of him.

He seeks to cloth himself in either glitzy, painfully shiny suits for pop stars or John Travolta's suit in Saturday Night Fever.

Important Pieces of History Edit

Under construction.

Trivia Edit

  • He enjoys watching Jurassic Park. As did everyone.