Agent Greene
Vital statistics
Position "Minor position" in the British Government
Age N/A
Status Dead and kicking
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

An inspiration to all who know him, (Sir) Zombeyman is a quantum physicist, freedom activist, manga artist and an all-round amazing man. He has won five Nobel Prizes, twelve Oscars, a Golden Globe and has been knighted by the Queen.


Personality Edit

Zombeyman is a somewhat-absent-minded character, who although seems to just mumble and drool, is in fact one of the greatest minds of the century, with experience in most likely everything and an IQ of 230. He spends much of his time in stem cell research, his main hobby, but occasionally spends a day touring art museums, eating ice cream or writing manga.

Powers Edit

Zombeyman's prominent power is his split-second mental processing, allowing him to work out a math problem in a maximum of three seconds (as long as it's not calculus, which takes four). He has an innate understanding of the sciences, forty languages and politics, which allowed him a "minor position" in the British government.

(By minor position, we mean the Ultimate Head. When he's not providing groundbreaking research, or hoping to grab another Oscar, he is the Prime Prime Minister of the British Government, and sometimes the Presipresident of the United States, as long as he isn't too busy with the four hundred other major countries he's leading.)

History Edit

Knitting for Girls Edit

The Greatest Book of All Time, full stop

Zombeyman was naturally intellectual at a young age, having learnt Year 12 Mathematics and at least three languages at the age of 6. By Year 3, he had learnt everything a university can teach, and so went to work as a college professor in Oxford, where he taught Recreational Mathematics. During his eleven-year tenure as a professor in twenty-seven colleges worldwide, he learnt about anything he could get his hands on, studying languages, culture, history, politics, mechanics, 40 million books, twelve seasons of Pokemon, drawing manga and the ever-famous book Knitting for Girls.